The Process

During every step of our screening process you will receive important feedback and guidance from us.

Our aim is not to choose an investment based ONLY on financial gain.

  • We are focused on what God wants
  • We are focused on relationship
  • We are focused on influence

However, as good stewards of God's provision we must be diligent regarding the financial success of any business.

1. Submit an initial application with all supporting documents via the online form below

2. We will evaluate your application and business plan and then pray regarding the purpose of us partnering with you

3. We will then notify you of our decision of either not going ahead or that we are wanting to take it to the next step

4. We would then ask you to prepare a 15-minute presentation for us. We need to hear your proposal plus your ‘ask’. This can be either face to face or via an online method. This is where we can get to know each other and for us to hear your heart. We would also include some Q&A. This time is vital for us as we believe in developing relationships by providing feedback and mentorship in all of our investments

5. If we all agree that we want to take this further, we then need to conduct the appropriate due diligence. At this stage, we would need to thoroughly research and evaluate your business plan, presentation, existing financials or financial projections and the returns on our investment

6. Once the due diligence has been completed, we will communicate the outcome and our intentions to either move forward or decline. If successful at this stage, we will then discuss and negotiate the return for us on the ‘ask’ - including any ‘terms' that will be included

 7. Final contracts are drawn up and signed and we begin the journey together for Kingdom business influence.

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